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3 Options Available For the Storage of 2 Cars in a Portable Garage

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Did you recently convert your garage into a home office and you now want a way to store two cars in a portable garage? Read on and discover some of the options available to you when you go shopping for carports.

Install Two Carports in Different Locations

One of your choices involves buying two separate carports for installation in different locations in your yard. The advantage of this option is that you can get carports of different dimensions to suit the different cars that your family owns. This option is also good in case you have a narrow yard that cannot accommodate a single carport that can protect the two cars. The downside of this option is that your yard is likely to look congested when two separate carports are installed.

Buy Carport Joiners

It is also possible for you to join two carports together so that they become one large carport. Joiners can be bought from carport suppliers. This method is advisable in case you already had a carport but you need another one to accommodate two cars without taking up a lot of space in your yard. How can joined carports take less space than two separate carports? Think about the extra space that you leave around the area covered by the carport. That extra space is usually used to drive carport anchors into the ground. You will reduce the total space allocated to those anchors in case you join the two carports into one. Buying a second carport and joining it to the one that you already had may be more cost-effective than ditching the single carport in order to buy one that can accommodate two cars.

Buy a Double Carport

You can buy a double carport for the two cars in case you didn't already have carports that could be joined to keep your cars. Pay attention to the dimensions of your parking space as you shop for double carports. For instance, buy a long carport in case the available space cannot allow you to install a carport into which the cars can be parked side by side. However, this option comes with the inconvenience of having to decide which car will leave the carport first so that it is parked last. That inconvenience can be avoided by buying a wide carport so that the cars are parked side by side. This is subject to the availability of wide space on your property.

This discussion only covered one aspect of selecting a carport. Discuss other factors, such as the pros and cons of different carport materials, with a carport supplier so that you make an informed decision when you finally make your purchase.