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Why It May Be Unwise for You to Install a Split System AC Yourself

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 The speed and ease with which split system air conditioners can be installed may tempt you to undertake a DIY installation of this system in your home. However, there are some reasons why you should not attempt this if you are not a trained professional. This article discusses some of those reasons.

Sizing Issues

One of the biggest challenges that homeowners who opt for the DIY approach when installing a split system air conditioner face is picking the correct size of unit for the home. Proper sizing requires one to have complete knowledge about all the pertinent factors, such as the size of each room in the home in addition to calculating how much air needs to be re-circulated during each hour. Such calculations may be too complex for a layperson. Consequently, he or she may select a unit that is too large for the home. This can create unforeseen problems, such as ineffective dehumidification due to short AC cycle times.

Unit Placement Challenges

Split system air conditioning systems have two main components, the external unit and the internal unit. The two components are linked by tubing. Effective system performance may depend on how suitable the locations chosen for component placement are. For instance, a less experienced homeowner may place the external unit close to a wall. Such a placement may lower the performance of the system because air circulation around the outside unit will be inhibited. Similarly, the homeowner may place the internal unit in the direct path of a door that is frequently opened. The draughts from the door may also affect the effectiveness of the unit. A professional will be able to make sure the units are placed in the best possible location for maximum efficiency. 

Difficulties in Charging the System with Refrigerant

Split system AC units are usually charged with refrigerant once the installation has been completed. It is usually advisable to let a professional charge the system so that he or she determines how quickly and how much refrigerant should be channeled into the system. It may be hard for you to find a professional to do this if he or she did not install the system. This is because that individual may not want to be held responsible for any problem that may occur as the system is charged because of a mistake made during the installation of the units.

A split system air conditioner is a major investment. Do not risk the money spent by attempting to install it yourself lest you lack the necessary skills and experience. Let professionals help you to install the system.