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Tips to Help You Prepare for HVAC Installation

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If you are going to put in a new HVAC system, you may want to ensure that your electrical system is ready to support your new heating and cooling endeavors. Before the electrical installer comes to your home, there are a few things you may want to investigate. For the safety and success of your project, check out these ideas:

1. Compare the requirements of your new HVAC system with your old system.

Not all HVAC systems are designed with standard electrical needs. Before having someone come to install your new system, you should see how it compares to your old system. If it draws a lot more power, you may need to talk with your installer about upgrading your wires, upgrading your service connection, or even changing your main circuit box.

Make sure that your electrical HVAC installer knows that there is a difference between your new system and your old system before he or she arrives to do the work.

2. Consider a separate circuit for the HVAC system.

In most cases, HVAC systems are on their own circuits. As HVAC systems draw a lot of power, a separate circuit allows them to take what they need without stealing power from other equipment in the house.

If your previous HVAC system did not have its own circuit, you likely had your circuit breaker tripping on a regular basis. To avoid that moving forward, talk with your electrician about setting up multiple circuits before the installer arrives to work on the HVAC system.

3. Check wires for damage.

If possible, you may also want to check your wires for damage. If there are frayed wires, they can pose a fire risk. Talk with an electrician about replacing those wires before the HVAC system arrives. Additionally, if you find worn out wires near your HVAC system, that could be a sign that you have other issues with wires throughout your home. Consider investigating the situation and repairing the wires as needed.

4. Figure out how to turn off your power.

When the HVAC installer puts in the machine, he or she is going to need to hardwire it into your home. So that process is safe, you need to know how to shut off the power to that area. Make sure that you know how to do that. In most cases, it is as simple as flipping a switch in your circuit breaker.