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Tips to Fast-Tracking End of Lease Cleaning Services

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The state of your apartment when moving out determines whether you will be refunded your bond money or not. Real estate agents expect you to leave the apartment the way you found it when you signed the lease, if not better. Only professional end of lease cleaning service providers can guarantee quality service due to the complexities of the cleaning process. However, while you should leave the cleaning to professionals, you can do a few things to make sure that the end of lease cleaning process takes as little time as possible. This article provides you with tips on how to prepare for the process.

Find your Checklist -- When moving into a new apartment, and before signing the lease agreement, tenants are usually provided with a checklist. The checklist states the condition of items at the point of signing the lease agreement. As you prepare to move out, you want to counter check that the state of all items in the apartment is the same as you found them. If anything is broken, you should know through the checklist. Make a point of replacing or repairing anything that is broken to avoid confusions as to who, between you and the cleaning agency, is liable.

De-clutter -- Since you have the cleaning date set, you should set aside ample time to de-clutter the entire apartment. De-cluttering should be done on everything including cupboards, wardrobes, the fridge, and shelves. In the case of the fridge, make sure you turn it off at least a day before the cleaners arrive to give it time to defrost adequately. De-cluttering will allow the cleaners to focus on their main job, which is cleaning.

Pest Control -- If you used to keep a pet in your apartment, you should inform the property owner before moving out so that he or she can liaise with a pest control agency for disinfection. Alternatively, you can contract a pest control service provider yourself to inspect the apartment. It is advisable to contract an agency and pay from your own pocket instead of leaving it to the property owner for obvious reasons. If you fail to conduct pest control, you risk losing your bond money when the property owner carries out an inspection and finds pests all over the apartment. Make sure that pest control inspection is done before the final apartment inspection. In addition, have the necessary papers to act as evidence of pest control efforts.