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Ways Labour Hire Agencies Can Save Your Construction Business

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Construction businesses tend to have a lot riding financially on each project they do. Deadlines, budget restrictions and equipment issues all play a role in the entire success or failure of the construction project. When you are trying to maintain all of these project aspects, the last thing you need is a high turn over rate or to be dealing with a lack of workers due to people leaving and not enough time to find others to come in. With that in mind, many construction site managers find themselves considering a labour hire agency. If you are not sure if one would work for you, here are some ways they can actually save your construction business and keep you on track.

Checking Backgrounds

Background checks are extremely important with any construction business. You need to make sure that if someone states they have experience or licensing in a certain aspect of construction, that they actually do. You want to make sure that everything checks out and there are no issues. You want to know that the license has not had an issue, that the person can do what they say, and can be put on the job with little to no additional training. If you have to stop and do these background checks yourself, you could end up coming to close to your deadlines and not have enough workers to complete the project. A labour hire agency has people devoted to this aspect alone so you can get the people you need quickly.


You may have some testing that needs to be handled before someone can come on board to your construction crew. Having someone sit through the testing, administering the testing and grading that testing can be time consuming enough. The additional issue is that you will have to go through and weed out lower scores to find the best scores you can. This is an additional time consuming task. The testing process, and finding the highest scores, can be handled by the labour hire agency. This saves your business by choosing only the most qualified candidates and avoiding someone who may know the machinery, but lack the skills to operate it as needed on the job.

Keeping a Reserve

One of the leading issues you may experience is having someone quit at the last minute and no one to take their place. This can break the contract, cause major delays, and even hurt your ability to land new contracts and projects. You can avoid this by utilising a labour hire agency. They can do the testing, check for the certifications and keep a reserve of people on standby. If you need someone from the reserve, you can have someone on the site the same day and save your project deadline.

These are only three of the aspects that labour hire agencies can handle that will help save your construction business. There are many other benefits as well, and those benefits can be discussed during a consultation with your chosen agency. Visit a site like to learn more.