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How to Choose Pet-Friendly Wood Flooring For Your Home

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When there is a pet in your home, you have to think of the various ways you can make every part of your house safe for the pet. Pets need somewhere they can roam around and play freely without ruining the aesthetics of your interior fixtures. An example of such a place is the flooring. Before installing a wooden flooring in the home, you need to ensure that it is pet friendly and can withstand the pet's claws. Here are some tips on how to choose the ideal wood flooring that will work for you and your pet.

Choose the right wood and finish

Natural wood can be broadly categorized into softwood and hardwood. It is essential for you to choose timber that can withstand scratches. Dogs and cats have claws that they can use to scratch at your floor as they play and roam. If the floor isn't sturdy enough to withstand the scratches, its aesthetics will be ruined over time. Go for hardwood flooring such as red and white oak, as these woods have the ability to hide dents and scratches better than most types of wood flooring.

Besides selecting the right type of wood, you should also find the right finish for it. Glossy finishes are not ideal as they tend to reflect light and reveal marks and dents on wood. Instead, select a less glossy finish that will not show the unsightly scratches on your wooden floor.

Install flooring that withstands traffic

Certain parts of the home such as the kitchen, living room, and decking are exposed to high traffic. The kind of wood flooring chosen should be able to withstand heavy traffic without showing signs of premature wear and deterioration. Dense wood tends to perform better in areas of heavy foot traffic as compared to other types of wood. In this case, consider using oak, mahogany, teak, or ebony for your floors. If you want an eco-friendly option that's easily replaceable, you should select bamboo. Besides resisting scratches from your pets, dense wood can also withstand high impacts, dents, and gouges without losing its texture.

Use carpets and mats

Besides choosing the best flooring that will work for you and your pet, there's the need to protect the wood from damage and extend its durability. The most efficient way to do this is by laying area carpets and mats in the home. Carpets will also provide a comfortable play area for your dogs and protect the wood from direct traffic. If the pet pees on the rug, you can easily clean it without worrying about the smell penetrating your wooden floors.