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Circumstances When It Is Best to Build With Roof Trusses and Not Rafters

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The roof is an essential part of any building. Without it, the elements would have an open invite into the interiors of a building and cause extensive damage. Aside from that, roofing systems also protect the occupants of a building from the elements, which can make staying indoors impracticable. With that in mind, new building owners should carefully think through the design of their roofs before beginning any work at the construction site. 

One of the top factors they will need to ponder is the type of framing system they will choose for their new roofs. The common trend nowadays is that more and more new homeowners seem to favour trussed roofs over traditional ones framed with rafters. As a potential homeowner, you may be interested in understanding the reasons behind this change. Below is a look at some situations when opting for roof trusses would be the better option.

When speedy installation is needed

Sometimes, prevailing weather conditions onsite may not favour a slow roof construction process. For example, if you will be building your new home during the rainy months, persistent rain may disrupt the roof installation job, delaying the execution of subsequent construction activities, such as installation of the ceiling. Unlike rafters, which have to be assembled part by part at the construction site, roof trusses come as ready-to-install roof framing products that can be installed the same day they are delivered. 

When cost-saving is desired

Out of the two options, trussed roof systems are generally cheaper to install. Why? To begin with, roof trusses cost less to buy because they require less wood to make. Second, installing a trussed roof requires less labour, as everything comes in pre-assembled condition — roofers don't have to perform the hard and time-consuming job of joining together several smaller members onsite, and this helps reduce labour costs. 

When a more lightweight roof is required

If you want a roofing system that is strong and durable yet lighter in weight, building a trussed roof would be the go-to option. This is because roof trusses require less wood to manufacture, and this generally makes them lighter in weight when they're compared to roof framing built with rafters.

Keep in mind that there are circumstances under which building a roof with traditional rafters would be a better choice over using roof trusses. Roof trusses just work better when the above-highlighted conditions exist. Talk to a contractor like Prefab Technology Pty Ltd to help you decide whether trusses or rafters would be best for your home.