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6 Surprising Ways to Make Your Home an Allergen-Free Zone

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If you have allergies, you no doubt regularly clean your sheets and vacuum the house in order to keep allergens at bay. However, there are more things that you probably haven't even thought of that could help keep your pesky allergies from ruining your day. Read on for 6 hacks to eliminate allergens from your house so that you can be as sneeze-free as possible.

1. Give your cat a bath

Contrary to popular belief, it isn't your cat's fur that's making you sneeze--you're actually allergic to proteins in its saliva, urine, and dander. If possible, give your cat a bath once a week to remove the allergens. If your cat simply won't accept a bath (as many won't!), there are cat wipes available, and, while you won't get the same deep clean, most cat wipes are able to remove dander and saliva from your cat's coat.

2. Consider getting a reverse cycle air conditioner

If you're in the market for a new air conditioner, a reverse cycle air conditioner is a great option. Reverse cycle air conditioners, otherwise known as heat pumps, are air conditioners that use a refrigeration cycle to cool down your home and a reverse refrigeration cycle to heat it up. However, for allergy sufferers these air conditioners do more than keep them cool through hot Australian summers; with this system, any dust and allergen particles are trapped in the filter, meaning they can't escape into the house. 

3. Dry your laundry indoors

As tempting as it may be to let your laundry dry outside in the sunshine, doing so could mean your clothes pick up pollen and mould, which will then be brought into the house. If you're trying to save money and don't want to use your clothes dryer, simply set up a clothesline in your basement, laundry room, or garage. 

4. Avoid the smellies!

According to allergists at the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, air fresheners and scented candles don't freshen the air as their names suggest and, in fact, do the opposite and pollute the air. To clean the air of allergens, an air purifier is a better bet. 

5. Try and eliminate rugs and carpets

Carpets and rugs can trap allergens. If possible, replace them with wooden floors, especially in the bedroom. If you use rugs, try and use smaller ones that can be easily put into the washing machine, and wash them on a regular basis.

6. Don't over-water your plants!

While some plants, such as English ivy, are great for keeping your air clean, it's not good to over-water them if you are a allergy sufferer as soil can harbour mould. If you have quite a few indoor plants, consider spreading some aquarium gravel over the soil to contain any mould.