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Renovating: Tips To Keeping Your Home Habitable

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Renovating your premises can be quite messy. Even minor renovation projects can produce a significant amount of dirt and debris, yet some homeowners tend to consider the cleanup process as an afterthought. One thing to note about the dust produced during renovating is that it is quite fine. This makes it easy to spread all over your home, get into electronic appliances, sink to upholstery and cause a host of other problems. Not only does this compromise the air that you and your loved ones are breathing, but it can also cause damage to your belongings. To prevent this, here are some handy tips to keeping your household habitable during renovations.

Tip 1: Move your belongings away for the short term

If the renovations are being carried out in one area or storey of your home, then you should consider moving your belongings out of that space. The first option would be to store them in other rooms of your home where they will be safe from the dirt that comes about during the renovation process. Alternatively, if you have some extra money, you could look into short-term storage of your items. Belongings such as electronics and upholstered furniture are particularly sensitive so these should be your first priority.

Tip 2: Ensure there is sufficient airflow

All the fine dust being produced during the renovation process will have to settle somewhere. A mistake some individuals will make is keeping their air conditioning on assuming that it will filter out all the dust floating in the air. Instead, what happens is the dirt is circulated even further through the vents and cutwork of your air conditioning. Moreover, the particles being sucked into the air conditioning system could end up damaging the internal components of your unit. Therefore, the first thing to do if you are looking to enhance airflow is to switch off your air conditioning system. Secondly, open all the windows in your home so that some the dust floats out of your home. Lastly, you can make use of strategically placed fans to redirect this dust out of your household.

Tip 3: Create pathways around the house

Another drawback of renovations is that despite being undertaken in one room, it is easy to track dirt and dust to the rest of the home. To minimise the risk of this, lay down old blankets or rugs on all the pathways around your home. Contractors and residents should all be instructed to exclusively walk along these pathways for the duration of the renovations.