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Simple and Affordable Fixes That Instantly Improve the Look of a Bathroom

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If your home's bathroom is a bit rundown or dull, you don't need an unlimited renovation budget to update the space. Sometimes the simplest and most affordable fixes can make even the most unattractive bathroom look fresh and modern, and make the space seem more welcoming overall. Note a few of those simple fixes and updates so you can transform any bathroom in your home, without overspending and without needing to call in a contractor or interior decorator.

Painting the tile

Old and outdated bathroom tile can easily make the space seem downright ugly, but replacing that tile can be very expensive. A good alternative is to just paint it. You may not have realized that this was an option, but there are tile paints that you use just like wall paint; these paints cover ceramic and porcelain tile, as well as its grout, for a fresh new look.

Before you begin this work, note if you need to do some light sanding of the old tile to create a rough surface for the paint, and also be sure you get the right paint for the type of tile in your bathroom. Once you have all the tools you need and have prepped the surface, this paint can take outdated and dingy tile and make it look fresher and even cleaner than before.


Cheap shelving above the commode can make a bathroom look dated and drab; swap this out for glass shelving, and invest in some affordable but attractive canisters and baskets. Glass or acrylic jars can hold cotton swabs and makeup sponges, and beautiful baskets can hold linens and toiletries. This can make bathroom shelving seem like an attractive accessory and not just an afterthought in the space.


Changing the light fixture in a bathroom is not difficult, and it can give a bathroom an instant upgrade. Look for a light fixture that is more modern and attractive, with oil-rubbed bronze or brushed nickel metal features. Something oversized can create a more glamorous look that also makes the bathroom seem fresh and new.


A good way to update the look of a bathroom is to swap out the builder's mirror; a framed mirror may be very attractive, and an oval shape can be a unique touch that personalizes the space. For dual sinks, choose two separate mirrors rather than one long and large one. A mirror with attached glass shelving can give you more storage in the bathroom and also create a modern look that makes the bath seem updated and new.