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7 Advantages of Concrete Pilings

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Pilings are structures that support your foundation, and they can be made of wood, steel or concrete. Thinking about concrete pilings? Here are seven advantages of this option.

1. Can Be Installed Proactively or Retroactively

You can install concrete pilings when you build your home. The pilings get put under the foundation, and this is the easiest time to place them. However, if necessary, you can also put them in retroactively after your home is built.

2. Doesn't Destroy Floor

If you decide to have a contractor put in concrete pilings after your home has been built, you can put them through your floor. Unfortunately, however, this process can wreck your flooring and require a lot of repair work.

Luckily, there is an alternative. A skilled piling contractor can dig into the soil next to your foundation and pour concrete into the holes next to the foundation. This approach is called tunneling.

3. Offers Quick Installation

Whether you're putting in the pilings before or after the fact, they can be installed quickly. Basically, the contractor drills or tunnels into the ground. Then, he or she puts in a mould, and finally, he or she pours the concrete into the mould. This process doesn't take long.

4. Costs Less Than Steel

In most cases, the mix to make concrete is a lot cheaper than buying metals such as steel. As a result, concrete pilings tend to be less expensive than steel. To figure out if they are less expensive than wood, you may need to talk with a contractor directly. Wood prices vary considerably depending on the type of wood and where it's sourced from.

5. Resists Pest Infestation

Termites or other insects can get into wood pilings, and they can break down the pilings. Additionally, mice or other pests can also chew through or otherwise damage the pilings. With concrete, you don't have to worry about any of these risks.

6. Lasts as Long as Your Concrete Foundation

If you are pairing concrete pilings with a concrete foundation, they are likely to last the same amount of time. In contrast, if you use steel pilings, they may last longer than a concrete foundation, while wood pilings may not last as long as the concrete.

It's generally more convenient if your pilings wear out at the same time as your foundation.

7. Often Comes With a Warranty

You can get a warranty with your concrete pilings. If the contractor offers a warranty, you don't have to worry about repair costs. If any issues occur during the warranty period, the warranty should cover those costs.