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Five Reasons Seniors Might be Better Off Spending Their Golden Years in Their Own Home

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Staying in one's home can actually be a safe option for seniors if it is reviewed and set up in a thoughtful, safe manner. Aging adults shouldn't only be left with the option of moving out of their home and uprooting their life. There are other support, safety, and community options that can make one's golden years less stressful and more comforting. Here are five benefits one might find in the increasing trend of aging in place.

Easier Renovations for Mobility Issues

Home renovations are simpler than ever these days, and with a larger aging population, renovations geared towards this demographic are increasing in popularity, style, and access. Renovations such as support rails, ramps for access, walk-in bathtubs, and widened doorways can transform an aging adult's home to accommodate most mobility-related needs. Many renovation companies specialize in this specific type of work and can suggest targeted options for the individual.

Location and Proximity Matter

If care can be sourced nearby, living at home can be a safe option for an aging adult. If an older adult loves their community and is close to friends and family, they might not be ready to leave much of their life behind for an assisted living facility. Whether an older adult is hoping to stay in their home as they age, or if you have a parent you would like to help stay in their home, preparing for the future is key. If relatives and care facilities that offer in-home visits are already in the area, it can lessen reasons to move.

Keeping One's Independence

It can be hard to come to grips with the aging process, and being forced to move into an assisted living facility can take away one's dignity. There is a shift in society's general opinion on the aging population, and encouraging independent living is a growing trend. One's household items and surroundings can bring both comfort and independence and might not need to be given up entirely.

In-Home Care Options

These days, there are lots of creative ways for older adults to receive care other than a nursing home option. The level of mobility and independence an aging individual has can directly dictate what level of care and support will need to be offered. This can include meal deliveries, wellness check-ins, or more full-service care such as hospice or live-in nurses. This can be a wonderful final gift to an aging parent who would like to stay in their home.

Safety in Familiarity

If you have a family member who might have mobility issues or minor memory loss, sometimes moving them into an assisting living community might do more harm than good. Without the familiarity and routine that they are used to, a new environment can lead to stress and possibly more accidents. Specific needs should be reviewed with a physician or counsellor so an informed decision when it comes to living options can be made.

If you are reviewing living options for yourself or an aging parent, don't discredit the option of staying in one's home. Ensuring your home or a parent's home is ready for the specific needs that come with aging can be a process. You may find that aging in place might not ultimately be the best answer for you or a loved one. Reviewing all possible living options for you or an aging loved one can help with managing both safety and independence. For more information, contact a home dementia respite service.