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Signs You Need a Valve Repair for Your Boiler

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If you have a boiler, valves are an important part of your system, and if they aren't working correctly, your system won't be able to move heat throughout your building. Ideally, you should monitor your valves on a regular basis. Here are some signs that you may need a valve repair.

1. Your System Is Heating Unevenly

Typically, a boiler in a commercial or industrial environment relies on valves to let the hot water through the system as needed. In simple terms, if the thermostat indicates that hot water should flow to the radiator in a certain area, the valve should open and allow that to happen.

Similarly, if the space is already warm enough, the valve should stay closed and prevent hot water from moving into that part of the system. If this process is not happening correctly, that may be a sign that your valves aren't working as they should.

2. The Valve Is Damaged

If you suspect something is wrong, take some time to visually examine your valves. If they have cracks or missing parts, they need to be replaced. Also, dents can be an issue. If the valve is dented in a certain way, it won't create a seal with the surrounding framework, and a seal is essential.

3. There Are Issues With the Guide Ribs

The guide ribs are the parts of the pipework that your valve moves over while it is opening or closing. Look over the guide ribs for damage. If they don't look uniform with the rest of the area, they may need to be remachined. If you force a valve to move repeatedly over damaged ribs, the damage can spread to the valve as well. That's why it's important to get repairs as soon as possible.

4. Cracks Show in the Valve Seat

The valve seat refers to the area around the valve. This needs to hold the valve securely and create a tight close. Otherwise, water will slip into parts of your boiler system where it doesn't need to be. Look over the valve seat while the valve is closed to make sure it is positioned correctly. Then, open the valve and make sure that you don't see any cracks in the seat.

You may want to hire a valve repair specialist to look over your system on a regular basis. They can let you know if you need valve repairs or other assistance.