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Benefits of Wooden Crate Approval Reports

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It is important to ask your supplier of wooden crates to provide you with the approval reports of the packaging products. The discussion below outlines some of the aspects that are covered in the approval report. 

The Type of Wood

It is helpful for you to know the type of wood that was used to make the timber crates that have been sent to you. This information can help you to know what additional precautions you may need to take when you are using those wooden crates. For instance, you may have to protect the crates from exposure to rain in case they were made from timber that can easily reabsorb moisture due to its grain structure.

Drying Method Used

You should also know how the timber that was used to make the crates was dried. For example, some manufacturers may use timber that was seasoned by air drying it over several months. Others may use timber that was dried in a kiln. It is easier to ensure that the moisture content is within the acceptable range in case timber is dried in a kiln. Improperly dried timber is likely to result in crate failures. It is, therefore, better for you to insist on only crates that were made using kiln-dried timber.

Mould Treatment

Mould is one of the biggest threats that wooden crates face. This is because any moisture on the crate can trigger the growth of the spores that had been dormant within or on the surface of the timber. Wooden crate manufacturers often use chemical means to keep this problem at bay. Study the approval report so that you confirm that the chemical treatment that was used will not cause additional problems. For example, it may be problematic to use crates treated with certain chemicals during the construction of a pharmaceutical facility due to the risk of contamination.

Manufacturing Standards Followed

The approval report will also tell you about the different quality standards that were followed during the manufacture of the crates. For example, how thick were the components used? What kind of nails or screws were used? This information can help you to be sure that the crates will stand up to the usage conditions that you will subject them to.

Use the approval reports as a basis for identifying what modifications need to be made to get better performance from the crates that you use. You can also ask a wooden crate expert to design crates that are customised for your application.