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How to choose the perfect skylight for your home

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Skylight windows are available in a range of materials and styles. To find the skylight windows that are the best choice for your home you will need to think about materials, planing and glazing.

What material should be used for your windows?

The material you choose for your windows can have big impact on their appearance, but it has implications for their maintenance and cost as well. Popular frame materials include wood, steel, aluminium and PVCu. PVCu is highly durable but does not have the right appearance for every type of property. Wood has an attractive and classic appearance but can be hard to maintain over time. Some property owners are now opting for a timber-aluminium composite frame that has the outward appearance of wood, but has lower maintenance costs.

Should you choose in plane or out of plane?

Skylight windows that are in-plane are fitted flush to the roof, while out-of-plane windows are not flush to the roof. Before making your decision you will need to be aware of any planning regulations that may restrict what you can do with your home. You will also have to decide whether you want to be able to open your skylights or whether you prefer them to be fixed shut. Some skylight designs can be fully opened to provide ventilation, while others come with partial opening security locks, or will simply be permanently locked shut. Talk to your skylight window manufacturers to identify the best style of window for your needs.

How will you glaze your windows?

Double glazed skylight windows are commonly used to provide energy efficiency in your home. Triple glazing is also a popular choice as it offers even greater comfort and energy efficiency and can often be a helpful selling point when it becomes time to sell your home. Choosing the right type of glass is important to ensure that your home remains a comfortable environment in which to live.

Skylight windows can often receive a lot of direct sunlight as they are at the top of your home, this sunlight can be dealt with in several ways. Solar control glass is often used in skylights to reflect away the heat of the sun and stop your room becoming uncomfortably warm. Alternatively you could reduce the glare from the sun using tinted glass in your skylights although this will also cut down on the amount of light that is able to enter your property.

To find the perfect windows for your home, talk to a skylight window manufacturer; they will be able to provide all the help and advice you need to make the right decision.