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3 Important Things To Remember Before Starting Your Construction Project

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Whether you are working on a commercial building project or a private premises there are dozens of things you have to be aware of when on a construction site. With so many moving parts to keep track of it can be easy to forget a few things here and there. While this is expected and mistakes happen in every workplace, there are things you can do to mitigate these risks and remembering the more important pieces of the puzzle mean that the rest of the project will fall into place easier. Here are three important things you must remember in every construction project.

1. Timber Deliveries

Almost every construction site you work on will use timber in some capacity, from flooring to the trusses in the roof most buildings will use a fair bit of timber. Since it is such an important part of the construction process, it is something you absolutely must have correct and organised before any work can commence. You need to compare prices from the timber providers, organise the logistics of the delivery and decide whether it is going to a third-party site (like your warehouse) where it can be assembled or straight to the project site. You need to think about how you are then going to unload it and where you will store it for its future use. Start a dialogue with the company you are buying timber from as soon as you can to work all these obstacles out.

2. Utilities

When you have a busy construction site, you will have to provide certain utilities to ensure you have an efficient and flowing work-space. That can be anything from having toilets organised to organising shelter in the case of inclement weather and options for your crew to eat. Remember that you need to have spaces for your crew to park and, especially in busy urban streets, that this parking lasts all day and you are legally allowed to be there. Having your workers getting fined for simply parking their cars at the work site is a great way to create a hostile work environment which you want to avoid at all costs.,

3. Establish Communication With All Relevant Parties

There are many different stakeholders in a building project from the company/individual who commissioned you to the neighbors and even the government. You need to establish a communication line with all relevant parties and make sure that everyone has the ability to contact you to voice concerns or ask questions. If people feel like they cannot contact you, they will feel left out and will begin going around your back which can lead to massive instability and even the shutting down of your project or removal of your involvement with it. Getting the building built is important but remember you are building it for someone else and they need to feel happy the whole process too. 

For more information, contact your local timber deliveries service.