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Custom Home Options for Families of Special Needs Children

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As a parent of a child with special needs, you know the importance of having certain amenities in the home. Though most of these amenities are for safety, some of them can be for emotional well being as well. If you are planning on having a custom home built, then there are some aspects you may be considering to help your special needs child. Here are some of those custom home options to consider and how they can help you.

Wider Doorways

You may not think about the doorways to your home, but having a wider doorway can help drastically. Though there are benefits to having wider doorways for wheelchairs, there are also benefits for children with other issues. For example, if your child has sensory issues, then just the brush of a doorway against their sensitive skin can set off a sensory processing issue that leads to emotional reactions and meltdowns. Wider doors can give your special needs child the clearance they need for mobility devices as well as for themselves.

Curbless Showers

Wheelchairs, mobility devices, and issues with coordination can all become issues in the bathroom. This is especially true with showers. Most residential showers have a lip or curb that must be stepped over. This becomes an issue if your special needs child has coordination or mobility issues that make moving their legs or moving over objects difficult and even dangerous. A curbless shower removes the curb or lip, leaving the tile of the flooring level with the shower. There is a seamless transition with only a small incline in the shower near the drain to allow water to flow away from the rest of the flooring.

Ramped Entry

Consider designing custom homes with a ramped entry. This doesn't have to apply only to the front and back entrances of the home. You can have ramped entry to different levels of the home as well. Any area where there are stairs that can be an obstacle can be converted to ramps or have a ramp added for a ramp and stair option. This simple change can make mobility throughout the home easier and make helping with mobility devices, such as pushing them up inclines, easier as well.

These are just a few of the options that your can consider for your custom home build. Keep in mind, your building contractor has likely had experience with various special needs-related additions to home plans. This means they can advise you on different options based on your child's needs. Consider a consultation to discuss your plans, issues, and questions you have.