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Reasons to Opt For Fresh Insulation Installation for Your House

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Insulation is an integral part of home construction, as its primary function is to mitigate heat transfer, in terms of both gain and loss, inside your house. Nonetheless, the biggest presumption homeowners make regarding their insulation is that it will serve them for a lifetime. In truth, insulation, especially that which is exposed, is bound to deteriorate with time. The more the degradation, the less protection for your home. Furthermore, there are a number of risks that you will be exposed to once the insulation is compromised. Here are three reasons why you should opt for fresh insulation for your house.


One of the main risks posed to your home's insulation is the development of mould. Your insulation can become a breeding spot for mould due to a number of reasons. The most common are issues with your plumbing hardware, causing water to seep into the insulation. In addition to this, leaks from your roof will also expose your insulation to moisture, which accelerates the development of mould. Since the insulation is typically located in dark and damp areas of your home, a mould infestation can be on the horizon if you are not keeping an eye on the condition of your insulation. Over time, your family can be exposed to respiratory problems, allergic reactions and so on. It is essential to have your insulation inspected from time to time and replaced with fresh insulation.


There will always be parts of your insulation that are exposed to the environment. Insulation that is installed in the basement, the attic and a host of crawl spaces is bound to absorb dust with time. The dust is not only seeping into the insulation but it is also easily disturbed, which makes it airborne. Once the dust is airborne, it is circulated around your home, which means you and your loved ones will be inhaling it. Not only do you become at risk of respiratory distress, but the dust will also make its way into your ductwork and jeopardise your HVAC system too. If you notice that your air quality is diminishing, you should check if your insulation is the root cause.


Pests love comfort. And once the temperatures outside drop, they start to seek shelter inside your house. Insulation provides the best environment for these critters since it is warm. Bats are one of the most common pest problems that you can have since these creatures roost in the insulation. The weight of the bats end up crushing the insulation and the guano (bat droppings) seep into the insulation, spreading a foul smell in your home. If your insulation has become overrun by pests, it is definitely time for fresh insulation.

For more questions about insulation installation in your home, get in touch with a local contractor.