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Two tips for those planning to have a bore constructed on their property

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If you have decided to have a bore built on your property, here are some tips that you may want to keep in mind.

Have a barrier built around the bore if the water from it is likely to be unsafe to drink

Water from a borehole is not always safe to drink. This is because groundwater can sometimes be contaminated by small amounts of toxic chemicals and pathogens. For example, if you live near a landfill, it is possible that the unfiltered groundwater is likely to be contaminated with run-off from this refuse site.

If you suspect that the water that will come out of the new bore will probably not be safe to consume and you only plan to use it for things like rinsing the dirt off your patio, irrigating your plants and washing your car, then it is best to ask the contractor who will be building the bore to build a barrier around it. If you have any children (or if you have relatives who visit your property with their children), there is a risk that, whilst playing outdoors, they may come across the bore and attempt to extract water from it.

If they consume this water (either accidentally or intentionally), they could become very ill. As such, it is best to simply have the contractor put a physical barrier up around the bore, during the construction process, that will prevent this from happening. You may need to ask them to integrate a lockable gate into the barrier so that you can easily access the bore when you need to.

Take the cost of maintaining the bore into consideration

At the start of this process, your contractor will ask you how large you want the bore to be and what brand of pump you want this structure to feature. Generally speaking, a larger bore made with premium components will cost more than a smaller one with economy parts.

When deciding how much to spend, it is important to factor in the cost of bore maintenance. This is because maintaining your bore will play a key role in ensuring its long-term functionality. If you don't get it professionally serviced after having it built, its condition will eventually decline to the point where it no longer usable.

A small bore made with cheap-and-cheerful components serviced regularly by a professional is likely to have a longer lifespan and be more efficient than a larger one made with premium components that is not looked after properly.

As such, if your budget is tight, it is best to opt for a less costly bore so that you can then put aside some of the funds for servicing it in the future.