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Maintenance Tips for Your Air Conditioning System

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Air conditioners need regular care and attention for them to work at their best; a little action now can prevent issues from developing in the future that require repairs. Also, if you neglect regular maintenance, your unit will run inefficiently, and you will chew through needless excess energy. Here are some simple routine maintenance tasks.

Swap Filters

The filters, which sit behind the grill that faces the room, capture debris and dust particles from the air passing through. These airborne contaminants can build up over time to clog the system, reducing its efficiency. Replacing or cleaning a dirty filter with a clean one will keep the air conditioner running its best and reduce your energy bills. Some filters need to be replaced, while others are reusable; this depends on your system's design. You may need to attend to the filter more regularly if you are running the air conditioner a lot, if you live in an especially dusty environment or if you have furry pets.

Clear Around the Condenser

Leaves, twigs and rubbish can collect around the external condenser unit. This unit blows out hot air, so it needs adequate airflow and clear space to lessen the chance of overheating. Thus, keeping the area clean will prevent the unit from working overtime to cool your home, and keep running costs down.

If you have plants around the condenser, trim and prune them regularly to maintain about a metre of space. Make sure none of the plants drops seed pods, berries or sap that can fall in the vents. Also, check that animals or rodents haven't nested in the shrubs or grasses, as they can chew the wiring, which you will then need to replace. 

Replace Pipe Insulation

Insulated pipes transport the cold air from the external condenser unit to the air conditioner inside. Extreme temperature variations can crack the insulation within the tubes that keep the air cool as it circulates through the system. Replacing the insulation seasonally or having a contractor check it over will ensure that everything runs efficiently and that the cold refrigerant running through the pipes is being kept cool.

Clear Vents

The air vents on the inside unit collect dust and debris that can eventually build up to clog the airflow. Regular vacuuming and dusting of the outside area can prevent this from becoming a problem that needs repairing, and it will also help to keep the air conditioning system running productively.

Reach out to an air conditioning business for more information.