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How to Make an Environmental Statement When You Build Your New Home

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Although the Australian government may not be setting much of a lead at the moment, you can certainly make a difference when it comes to environmental protection. For example, you may be about to build your own custom home and may want to forsake the traditional building methods in favour of solutions that are considered much more sustainable. To really make a difference, you may need to go back in time to an extent or look at construction methods that were originally used in the Far East. How can you incorporate some ancient techniques into your design as you build your modern-day home?

Back to the Future

Let's face it, people were building strong and long-lasting structures before the onset of the Industrial Revolution. They didn't need to rely on carbon or fossil fuels to help them with their work, so why should you? Do some research to see how people lived quite effectively 'back then' and you will be well on your way.

Soil and Water

In the very distant past, buildings were often made from nothing more than soil and water. The early version of a brick would be made from mud that had been dried off in the sun and crafted into a certain shape. This was relatively low-tech in comparison to modern-day standards, but it was nevertheless strong and crucially, environmentally friendly.

You may choose to make part of your building out of mud just so that you can make a statement. You can use other techniques to provide an external covering to protect it from the harsh Australian weather, but you will be taking advantage of early technology underneath it all.


What about building some of the structure from bamboo, a practice that originated in the South Pacific islands? This natural product is extremely strong and can certainly stand up to the rigours of the modern day if you give it a go. You may not be able to construct the entire property out of bamboo, but certain parts of it could benefit and it will certainly be a talking point when it is all complete.

Making Your Stand

Remember, this is your money, your life and your contribution. Don't take the predictable or traditional route but look for ways to make your place environmentally friendly, such as using these building materials. Work with a residential building design team who understand your objectives and will help you to achieve your ultimate goal.