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Types of Architectural Homes for Your Custom Build

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If you are planning on having a contractor design and build a custom home, one aspect you may want to consider is the architectural design. There are several designs of architectural homes available. By narrowing your choices to specific styles, you can give your contractor a better starting point for understanding the look you are going for. Here are a few types of architectural homes you may want to consider and why.

Colonial Style

Colonial architectural homes offer several options for homeowners. The two most common are the standard colonial and the saltbox colonial. These options were primarily seen in the early settlements of New England. These aren't the only styles within the colonial genre. Other architectural designs are the catslide roof, Dutch colonial, garrison and Monterey. If you are looking for a style with a courtyard option and expansive rooms, then the Monterey may be ideal. However, if you are looking for a simple design with clean lines, a saltbox option may be an optimal choice. 

Victorian and Queen Anne

You may be looking for something ornate that will stand out but still offer a classic architectural home look. Two options that may be ideal are the Victorian and Queen Anne styles. These styles are marked by features such as large bay windows, stained glass accents and wood-based artistic touches, such as gothic arches. The designs are usually two stories but can also be three stories. The designs are ideal for homes that need a cross breeze and natural sunlight. Victorian and Queen Anne homes are also ideal if you desire a creative and artistic look for your home. Each area of the home can have a unique touch, from the stained glass to the doorways and arches. 

Modern and Post-Modern

When people think of modern and postmodern architectural homes, they tend to think of the popular art deco designs. Though these are the most popular, there are several other options as well. Mid-century modern, streamline and postmodern are among the options available to you. These homes are marked by features from various architectural designs. You may have a stained glass window from a Victorian design while having the lines and floor plan of a colonial saltbox home. The idea behind modern and post-modern homes is to be an expression of the homeowner and their design tastes.

If you feel that any of these architectural designs are ideal for your custom-built home, contact your contractor. They can discuss your options, make changes to fit your design needs and help you with suggestions for upgrades or home extensions. They can also help with pricing and other questions you may have.