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Marine Projects to Consider for Your Marina

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If you own a marina that you are attempting to upgrade, you may consider discussing options with marine project consultants. If this sounds like something you are considering, you may want to look at some project ideas that would benefit your marina. Here are a few of those options to take to your consultants and what you need to know about each project:

Ferry Terminal

You may find that having a ferry terminal is an ideal option to boost the business at your marina. Some local ferries may connect with your terminal, or you can offer a ferry from your terminal to area locations. This type of project requires various levels of marine engineering, including having pilings drilled in and placed as well as having the correct terminal amenities placed. Keep in mind that many of the plans for this project will depend greatly on the local marine construction permits and laws. Your consultants will know how to handle this, what adjustments to make and how to construct the ferry terminal project for your needs. 

Harbor Reconstruction

There are some cases in which you may have purchased an older marina that was labelled as a marina and harbor port. Over the years the harbor may have diminished in integrity. This means you will need to consider a harbor reconstruction project. Your marine project consultants can help you design the new project as well as determine if you can work with current construction. If you will not be able to work with the current construction you will need to have replacements put in. This could add time to the project and may require further consultation to determine how to move forward.

Loading and Unloading Docks

If you have maritime transportation coming into your marina, you will likely need suitable loading and unloading docks. This means taking on the project to extend the docks and add cranes for easier loading and unloading of the boats. If that is the case, you will need marine project consultants to help you. They will need to determine if you can extend the docks. They will also need to determine what type of cranes will need to be placed or can be placed based on your marina and the marine environment. 

If any of these projects sound ideal to you, discuss them with your marine project consultants. They can discuss the options with you, make suggestions for upgrades based on your environment and help you determine a budget for the project. They can also answer questions regarding the project deadlines and other issues you may have before starting any of the marina upgrades you have in mind.