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Turn Your Small Office Into a Productivity and Morale Storeroom

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What you consider when painting your home won't always apply when painting your office. An office-painting project requires you to have the morale and productivity of your employees in mind. Your office shouldn't have plain beige furniture and white walls as it used to be some years back. Commercial painting has advanced these days, and those who own hospitals, dental clinics, restaurants, factories, warehouses and offices have discovered how colour palettes can transform their business space. Colours are powerful, and they affect the mood, motivation and productivity of your employees in a big way. As you revamp your office space to become a more positive work environment, let these three aspects dictate the paint colours you choose.

Your Line of Business

Your brand's personality determines how you should paint your interior walls. Do you understand your line of business? Can you describe your customers? Do you offer IT services or do you manufacture and sell toys? Such questions should guide you when painting your office or business premises to ensure the paint colours don't contradict your line of business. For instance, if you deal with beauty products and services, you should use purple paint to show loyalty and commitment to your customers. If you want to paint your dental office or medical centre, choose colours that evoke soothing, relaxed, calm and restful reactions.

Your Brand

You shouldn't paint your office using the paint colours you saw in a different office, especially if it offers different services from yours. Most office owners and business people consider their brand before they choose the paint colours to use. The interior paint colours of your office should complement your brand. The paint colours you select don't just influence the mood of your employees; they also evoke emotions among your customers. So choosing paint colours with your brand in mind will increase brand awareness and create a strong connection with your employees and clients.

Your Connection With Nature

Nature has a positive impact on the performance and productivity of employees in most business premises and offices. Many employees work indoors for over 10 hours a day. Such employees don't need a sterilised office environment or space; they need a biophilic design to stay motivated and remain productive. Seek help from a professional painter concerning the paint colours you should use to incorporate natural textures in your office. Soil brown, sky blue and leafy green are some natural shades and earthy tones you can use to help your employees connect with nature while working indoors.

Any successful office painting project has the input of a competent professional painter. Painting is among the delicate projects you shouldn't carry out with a DIY approach. The colour combinations you choose determine how convincing the results will be. Professional painters understand colour psychology more extensively, and that's why you should always consult them no matter how small your office-painting project is.