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Why You Need a Hazardous Waste Manifest During Asbestos Removal

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Asbestos removal is crucial, particularly because asbestos and asbestos-containing materials are classified as carcinogens. Property owners must hire professional asbestos abatement companies to remove and dispose of asbestos from buildings. When hiring an asbestos abatement company, enquire if they offer a hazardous waste manifest. It is an essential document that any professional asbestos removal company must provide their customer. This article highlights the importance of a hazardous waste manifest during asbestos removal.

Indicates the Type of Asbestos Removed

Most property owners don't know that asbestos can either be friable or non-friable. Therefore, transportation and disposal vary since friable asbestos disintegrates easily compared to non-friable asbestos. It is crucial to know the type of asbestos on your property to ensure that an asbestos company transports it as required. For instance, friable asbestos must be double-bagged and sealed tight to prevent the fibres from disintegrating and flying off a truck during transportation. On the other hand, non-friable asbestos can be sealed in single polythene bags since it does not disintegrate easily. A hazardous waste manifest allows you to scrutinise how an asbestos abatement company protects asbestos once it has left your property and during transit. It goes a long way in protecting communities along an asbestos company's route.

Promotes Asbestos Handling Accountability

According to the law, asbestos material remains a property owner's responsibility until it is disposed of correctly. Therefore, you must know who handles the asbestos from your property at every stage of a removal and disposal process. For instance, a manifest indicates the supervisor in-charge of asbestos removal. Therefore, you can call them back in case there is a problem with the transportation or disposal process. Similarly, a hazardous waste manifest indicates the recycling plant that asbestos-containing material is sent to. The log protects you from hefty fines since it clearly shows the people who handled the asbestos from your property. If you don't get a manifest and asbestos is mishandled, you can be held responsible for the carelessness.

Legally Shifts Responsibility to Designated Disposing Facility

As mentioned earlier, a hazardous waste manifest promotes accountability for all parties involved in the removal and transportation of asbestos-containing materials. However, how do you establish that a licensed asbestos disposal facility has received your asbestos? A hazardous waste manifest indicates this explicitly. Notably, once a disposing facility has received the asbestos, they will sign a manifest and send it back to you. It is confirmation that a designated facility received your asbestos. Therefore, you can rest assured that the asbestos is no longer your responsibility.