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3 Ways to Add Solar Control to Skylight Windows

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Skylight windows are an effective way of bringing light into a room which doesn't suit regular wall windows. These windows sit in a roof space and allow light to stream in from above.

While these windows can bring in a lot of light, they do have some downsides. On sunny days, light will beam down through a skylight. As light comes in and builds up, the room may start to feel as hot as a greenhouse. Plus, over time, any furniture or floor coverings under the skylight may start to fade due to exposure to UV rays.

If you're worried about these problems, then you can take steps to boost your solar control on your skylights. What can you do?

1. Add Blinds to the Windows

You can gain some solar control over the light that comes in through a skylight by adding a blind or shade to the window. Some skylights come with built-in blinds; you can also add specialist blinds after installation if you prefer.

If you do this, you simply put the blind down when the light is too intense to add some shade to the room. If you use a blind with solar resistance, then it will absorb or deflect some of the light and heat, which also helps keep the room cooler.

2. Add Solar Tints to the Glass

If you want to keep your skylights clear, then you may not want to install blinds or shades. Dressing the windows may not fit in with the way you want the room to look.

As an alternative, you can use solar tints on the glass. These can be added by the manufacturer or after you buy the windows.

You have various options here. For example, you could simply use a coloured tint to cut out some light and glare. Or, you could use solar tints that will deflect or absorb heat. Some also minimise the harmful effects of UV rays.

3. Use Solar Control Glass

You can buy skylights that contain glass with protective solar properties. For example, some glass panes can filter out glare, excess heat and UV rays.

Here, the glass tends to be treated rather than tinted. So, you could get effective solar control without changing the way your glass or skylights look.

To find out more about how to make your windows cope with heat and light most effectively, ask skylight window manufacturers for advice.