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A Look at the Types of Plats Created From a Plat Survey

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Land surveyors create and maintain plat maps. These maps contain information about the directional orientation of a property, in addition to outlining property lines and easements within the property. Engage qualified experts for the job, and you can expect accuracy on all fronts.

This is all information that may be helpful in several circumstances, especially when you need to subdivide your land, merge parcels of your land or amend your property.

Depending on the purpose of the plats, here is a look at the types of plats that land surveying services can help you create.

1.    Consolidation Plats

If you are a property owner with multiple land parcels who wishes to combine or consolidate these individual parcels into a bigger parcel, then a plat of consolidation is what you will require. Land surveyors will create such a plat for each of the individual parcels. Your plans for consolidation will then be submitted to the relevant authorities at your local council for review and consideration.

2.    Subdivision Plats

This type of plat is necessary when you want to divide your property into smaller parcels. Land surveyors will work with the details you provide regarding the dimensions and boundaries of your subdivisions. As with the consolidation plats, you will also need to submit your plans and plats of subdivision to your local council for review and approval.

3.    Amending Plats

Amending plats are also commonly referred to as correction plats. These types of plats serve to correct any inaccurate details about your property, as recorded on a current or pre-existing plat. Some of the most common inaccuracies include the property or boundary lines as well as other features on your property.

With amending plats, there may be other interested parties involved, such as the neighbours. Constructive dialogue is always the way to go, especially where property boundaries may be an issue. Again, once the land surveyors create these amending plats, they will need to be submitted to your local council for approval.

What to Expect

Carrying out a plat survey is a job only for qualified land surveyors. While these surveys generally involve the same activities, such as measuring distances on your property and reviewing property lines, the specifics will depend on the type of plat being created. Approval of your plat will be subject to whether it meets the stipulated approval criteria. You can trust experienced land surveyors to meet these criteria as they conduct the plat survey.