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Are you looking for building certifiers?

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When you are responsible for the construction of a new office block, apartment building, or commercial centre, there are plenty of things to remember. You must plan the design and building of the structure and keep all of the stakeholders informed of your progress. You might think that once you reach the end of the building stage your job is almost complete, but there is one more stage that you must complete before the building is officially finished. You must be able to demonstrate that your building is safe. You may be confident that the architect produced a safe, user-friendly design and that the builders have followed the plans correctly, but how can you prove to your local authorities that what you have built is safe for everyone?

Calling in the certifiers

To ensure that a new building or structure is safe for use and has been built correctly, it is a requirement that the work is examined by one or more certifiers who will be able to sign off on the project and confirm that it has been built to a satisfactory standard. You will have been working with certifiers throughout the construction stage of the project, but there must be a final inspection once the building work is completed. The certifiers will peruse every aspect of the structure before confirming that it has been built correctly. Particular issues that will concern the certifiers include:

  • Checking to see that the structure is in the right location
  • Checking that the correct materials were used throughout the construction
  • Checking that every aspect of the plans has been followed

Only when the building certifiers have been fully satisfied on every point will they be able to issue the building certification that demonstrates that whatever you have built complies with all the legal requirements.

Where can you find building certifiers?

When you need to find a certifier, then you could approach your local authority or one of the many firms of private certifiers operating throughout Australia. Whoever you choose to act as your certifier, you must be able to have complete confidence in their ability to carry out their role and to guide your construction project through from start to finish so that it is fully legally compliant. It is wise to ask any prospective certifiers about their experience so that you can be confident that they have successfully worked on many projects like yours in the past.

Reach out to a certifier near you to get started.