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Three Times You Should Pick Mobile Scaffolding

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If you work in the construction industry, you will know that there are many types of scaffolding that you could use for any job. The choice of scaffolding will depend on many factors. You might need scaffolding for ongoing maintenance work or to assist with redecorating a room. You could think about birdcage or cantilever scaffolding or perhaps, a single-pole scaffold? Whatever type of scaffolding you pick, it will stay in a fixed location, allowing you to work safely without any concern about the stability of your platform. Having fixed scaffolding is often essential, but there will also be times when you need to move the scaffolding regularly.

If the area where you are working is small or if you can easily fit scaffolding along the entire length of the area to be repaired, you may not need mobile scaffolding, but if you are painting or repairing a long wall, moving the scaffolding as the work progresses will be essential. In essence, mobile scaffolding is a temporary support platform with wheels. Here are three situations in which mobile scaffolding would be the most sensible choice.

Do you need to save space?

Scaffolding may be needed while working, but scaffolding can often block essential access routes and consume valuable space. Moving the scaffolding to a less used area when the work has been paused can ease congestion and make life easier for everyone. Moving the scaffolding can also allow important deliveries to take place, and allow the area to be freely used.

Are you worried about safety?

One benefit of mobile scaffolding that is not widely appreciated is that they are safer than conventional scaffolding. With mobile scaffolding, the support platform is fitted with railings to prevent an unwary worker from falling from the platform and being injured. Additionally, since mobile scaffolding can be easily raised and lowered or moved to an alternative location, there is no temptation for anyone to lean out of the railing to try to access a difficult-to-reach location. Instead of letting the team struggle, move the scaffolding somewhere that allows better access to the working area.

Do you need a larger working area?

With mobile scaffolding, there is room to safely store tools and equipment on the platform without them getting in the way. If there is no need for workers to descend from the platform to collect tools, they can be more productive and get the job completed more quickly.