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Why Pine Should Be Your Material of Choice for Your New Home Frame

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If you're getting ready to embark on a new home build, you will be paying close attention to every detail. After all, this is a major undertaking, and you'll want to ensure that things are done correctly, so that you achieve your target value and, more importantly, have a great place to live.

First Choice

As you begin your research, you need to focus on the fundamentals. For example, how will you build the frame that will support the structure to take into account cost, durability and the environment? Many people in your situation will choose a pine frame for good reasons.


According to the Forestry Corporation, more than 1000 ha of new pine plantations are established each year in New South Wales alone, and it's no surprise that this versatile wood is used in a significant number of new home constructions around the country. This means that pine is easily available, and you shouldn't run into any problems when it comes to sourcing and delivery. You can avoid long wait times or delays to enable your home to be completed according to a set schedule.


If you ask your builder for their advice, they will probably be happy that you are considering pine. Most builders agree that it's one of the easier building materials to work with due to its consistency. It is much softer than other alternatives, which means it is easy to cut, and this should involve less labour cost, bringing down the overall price of the project.


Pine is a very durable material despite its "softer" consistency. It's known for its durability and strength, so it should certainly last for years.


As pine is quite easy to source, it should be relatively cheap as well. Work with your contractors and ask them about their resources to see if they are happy with your budgetary projections. Remember, as there will probably be an extensive number of pine plantations in your area, transportation charges should be on the lower end.


The forestation industry is well aware of the threat of climate change and is always thinking about sustainability. Therefore, pine is one of the most eco-friendly choices for your new project, which should give you peace of mind and help with your carbon footprint.

Moving Forward

As you work through your checklist, you can add pine as your material of choice for the building's frame. Discuss the finer detail with your contractor so that they can help you place the order and get work underway. 

For more info about pine framing, contact a local contractor.